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Simple tips to help you master your personal finances.

Get Help Making a Personal Budget - Financial Tips and Guidelines

We are committed to helping you learn good money management skills. Our highly requested 7 step workbook helps tens of thousands of people develop a personal budget every year. It can work for you too.

Money Management Basics: 7 Steps That Will Help You Build a Budget That Works

7 Steps budgeting workbook PDF booklet download.

This workbook is available as a free PDF download. You can download it as a regular PDF, a fillable PDF, or you can view it online.
If you wish to receive a printed version of this workbook, please contact us to obtain a copy.

Budget Calculator That Guides You & Helps You Build a Budget

To make budgeting easier and more fun, we've created a budget calculator that guides you as you create your own budget. It makes suggestions and warns you if you appear to be spending too much money in any area of your budget. Once you're done, it can take a look at your budget and see if it can find any ways for your to improve your spending plan or save some money.

Features of Our Free Budget Calculator Spreadsheet

Our free Excel, OpenOffice, and Numbers (for the Mac) budgeting worksheet will help you manage your money better. The features of the calculator include:

  • A smart, interactive calculator worksheet that guides you through the budgeting process
  • It's user-friendly, and easy to use even if you don’t really know how to use Excel
  • Gives you a whole new perspective on your budget with simple, helpful graphs (this is great if you're not a numbers person)
  • Tells you what a "normal" amount is to spend in each category of your budget based on our budgeting guidelines.
  • Clear graphs, dollar values and percentages so that you can adjust your budget as you go
  • It does all the math for you
  • Stand-alone Excel or Open Office file keeps your information private on your own computer
  • Drop down menus let you tell it whether each expense occurs weekly, monthly, annually, etc.
  • Keeps a running total of how much you’re planning to spend versus your income
  • Identifies common budgeting pitfalls and offers tips and solutions to fix them
  • If you want to reduce your expenses and save some money, it can suggest dozens of places where you could look at reducing your expenses

The budget calculator is also a personal budget template that can be used just as easily for household or family budgets. For more details about our budget calculator, check out it's home page on our educational website, MyMoneyCoach.ca.


Below you can download the budget calculator for the PC or Mac on Excel, OpenOffice, or Numbers (Mac only).

Below you can download the budget calculator as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Budgeting calculator spreadsheet and Excel 2007 worksheet download for Canada

Download Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Worksheet (.xlsx) File

Budgeting calculator spreadsheet and Excel 97-2003 worksheet download for Canada

Download Microsoft Office Excel 97-2003 Worksheet (.xls) File

If you don't have Microsoft Excel, you can download OpenOffice for free and then download the file below.

Budgeting calculator spreadsheet and worksheet download for Canada

Download Open Office Spreadsheet (.ods) File

You can also download the calculator spreadsheet on the Mac and open it in Numbers.

Budgeting calculator spreadsheet and worksheet download for Canada

Download Mac version as Numbers Spreadsheet (.numbers) File