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Learn all sorts of great ways to manage your money better, solve your debt problems and use your credit more wisely. We also tackle a lot of credit myths and misconceptions. Do you have questions about money management, budgeting or credit? If you need advice or help with your debts email us your questions or chat with us online. We're happy to help.

Where Can I Get Free Bankruptcy Counselling, Including Alternatives?

If you’re curious about declaring bankruptcy and want to look into free bankruptcy counselling, there are many ways to fix your financial problems. A certified Credit Counsellor is a great way to get more information and consider alternatives to bankruptcy you might not know about.

What is Net Worth and Why is it Important When Dealing with Debt?

Do you know what net worth is? You see the term pop up all the time when reading about millionaires amassing net worths with at least six figures, but calculating your net worth as an every day Canadian consumer can be worthwhile too.

5 Reasons Why Declaring Bankruptcy May Not Be Right for You

Despite it crossing your mind when you’re in financial trouble, filing bankruptcy may not be the right solution for you.

What Is the Bankruptcy Process in Canada?

What is the bankruptcy process in Canada and is it a viable solution for your debt problems? When you’re struggling to pay off your debts and you’re inundated with collection calls and letters, easing your money worries and debt-related stress is top of mind.

How Credit Card Cash Advances Work & What to Do Instead

While cash advances might feel like an easy solution to your financial woes, they’re an expensive Band-Aid solution that could snowball into more problems.

What To Do When Your Financial Goals Feel Unrealistic

Working towards your financial goals is a great, proactive move, but if goals are unrealistic, you could be setting yourself up for disappointment and veering off track.

7 Things That Are Not On Your Credit Report

Your credit report is a snapshot of your financial situation at a single point in time. Your credit history report lists your current credit accounts, how you’re managing your debts, and how often you’re making credit inquiries. But what is not on your credit report?

What is a Debt Management Program (DMP) and Will It Work for Me?

If you’re struggling to manage several credit cards with different due dates, a Debt Management Program (DMP) may be an ideal solution to help you stay organized and out of the red.

What Is the Best Way to Handle Credit Card Debt and Debt Repayment?

Do you want to know the steps for the best way to handle credit card debt and debt repayment? Paying off credit card debt is one of the biggest financial hurdles Canadian consumers grapple with.