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Warning Signs of Debt - Credit Card Problems & Stress

How do you know when you may need help managing your money and debts? There are some definite warning signs, which may indicate that you need assistance with debt management. These warning signs can include:


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  1. Difficulty paying bills on time
  2. Receiving collection calls or past due notices
  3. Living in your overdraft or line of credit
  4. Losing sleep worrying about debts
  5. Spending more than your income allows
  6. Not paying credit cards in full each month
  7. Impulsive spending due to financial worries
  8. Hiding spending or debts from a partner
  9. Allowing bills to stack up because you can’t
    pay them
  10. A decline by your financial institution to consolidate your debts
  11. No budget or spending plan in place
  12. Feelings of hopelessness that you’ll never
    get out of debt

If any of these signs apply to your situation,
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If you are experiencing some of these warning
signs and are wondering what your next steps
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