Bad Credit Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation for Bad Credit in Canada

Are you looking for debt consolidation for bad credit but no one seems to be able to help? Don’t let stress and worry get you down. There's a good chance that we'll be able to help you.

We'll Help You Find the Right Option - Solutions for Problems with Debt Consolidation Loans, Credit Cards or Bad Credit

  Canadian woman consolidates & pays off credit card debts without a loan with help from the Credit Counselling Society. See story on Global TV News.
  Global TV interviews Julia Fletcher
after she consolidates & eliminates
her credit card debt with help
from the Credit Counselling Society.
See Story
  CTV Story - A debt consolidation loan wasn't the best option for Dan's credit card debts. So he took advantage of financial help and repayment solutions offered to Canadians by the Credit Counselling Society.
  CTV News interviews Dan Robinson
after he consolidated & paid off
$30,000 in debt with no interest by
receiving help from the Credit
Counselling Society. Watch Story

A number of options may be available to help you. One of our experienced, certified Debt Counsellors can help you take an objective look at your situation and show you the various options that are available to you regardless of whether maxed out credit cards, bad credit or other challenges have hindered you from getting a debt consolidation loan. They can then help you figure out which options may be in your best interest—depending on your personal priorities and your overall situation.

One option that often works well for people looking for bad credit debt consolidation loans is our Debt Management Program. By working in partnership with your creditors, we are able to consolidate your debt payments into one affordable monthly payment and substantially reduce or completely eliminate your interest rates. We then have a program you can use to re-establish your credit once you're finished the program. Depending on your situation, other options may be available to you too. The important thing is to speak with a Credit & Debt Counsellor to go over your financial situation to see what your options are.

We Can Help You Get Things Back on Track, Manage Finances and Pay Off Debt

A Counsellor can help you right away by help you create a plan to:

  • Carefully look at all of your bad credit debt consolidation options for to deal with your debt and get your finances back on track
  • Effectively handle your bills and living expenses
  • Repay your debts with one manageable monthly payment
  • Save thousands of dollars of interest charges

Providing the Best Non-Profit Consumer Debt Consolidation Programs, Interest Relief & Credit Counseling Services

As a non-profit service, the Credit Counselling Society has been helping people consolidate their debt payments and learn how to manage their money better since 1996. Our organization has helped hundreds of thousands of Canadians, and we have grown to become Canada's largest credit and debt counselling service with local Counsellors located in offices across much of Canada. During this time we have earned the Better Business Bureau's highest rating of accountability, won many national awards for outstanding service and now 97% of our clients surveyed report they would recommend us to others.

We welcome you to call us if you wish to learn more or if you would like to make an appointment to speak with one of our Counsellors. Appointments with our Counsellors are completely free, confidential and non-judgmental. Call us at 1-888-527-8999. You can also chat with us online if you wish to.

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