Beyond the Job Description

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Beyond the Job Description

If you are looking for a rewarding career in the credit or financial industry and love to help people, you've come to the right place. To us, our work is more than just a job; it's about making a lasting, meaningful difference in the lives of countless Canadians. We believe in supporting our team of outstanding employees and making sure that they are properly taken care of so that they can focus on what's most important—helping people.

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Our Employee Experience

What our staff think about working at the Credit Counselling Society:

Many of our employees love working for CCS and don't see themselves working anywhere else

“This is an excellent place to work.”

“CCS has a very open, friendly culture.”

“Teamwork is very solid.”

“Welcoming and very friendly organization.”

“Good benefits, compensation and vacation time”

“Opportunities for growth exist.”

“I love working here and would not want to be anywhere else.”

Anonymous quotes provided by an independent consultant who interviewed all of our employees

“I have never worked with an organization whose employees were as engaged or as committed to the work that they do.” - Carmine Domanico, Human Resources Consultant, Cristal International

“If I won the 649 (lottery), I think I would still come to work . . . I love my job.” - Credit Counsellor at CCS

On a standardized survey used by over 50,000 employers, the average employee rates their employer at 68%. We recently asked our employees to complete this same survey, and they rated the Credit Counselling Society at 94%. All of our employees completed this anonymous survey.

86% of our employees surveyed agree that there is a strong feeling of team spirit and cooperation at the Credit Counselling Society.*

100% of our employees surveyed report that they are proud to be part of the Credit Counselling Society.*

* Taken from our most recent annual employee survey; all responses are anonymous.


Our Benefits

The Credit Counselling Society offers full, competitive benefits to all our employees.We are pleased to offer our employees a full benefits package:

  • Comprehensive Medical, Dental and Optical
  • Matching RRSP Contributions
  • 3 Weeks Vacation to Start
  • Additional Time off
  • Financial Support for Continuing Education
  • Fitness Allowance
  • Annual Employee Recognition Events

98% of our employees report that they are satisfied with the benefits package that we offer (taken from our most recent annual employee survey; all responses are anonymous).


We believe in fairly and competitively compensating all of our employees for the work that they do. To ensure that our employees’ salaries are very competitive, we recently commissioned a human resources consulting firm to evaluate our salary scales. We then worked with these consultants to ensure that our compensation overall is fair and competitive.

95% of our employees surveyed report that the Credit Counseling Society pays them fairly for the work that they do (taken from our most recent annual employee survey; all responses are anonymous).

We feel that recognition for good work should extend well beyond monetary compensation. Some of the other ways that we recognize our team members is by acknowledging every person on their birthday as well as their anniversary date with CCS. We also give our team members extra days off for perfect attendance. While we are always looking for better ways to recognize our employees for the outstanding work they do, we are pleased that in our last employee survey 95% of our staff members acknowledged that they felt recognized for the contributions they make to the Credit Counseling Society.

Interesting Career Paths

As we reach out to more and more Canadians every year, the Credit Counselling Society continues to grow rapidly. Consequently we are always hiring more people and creating new career paths and opportunities. Here are some of the career paths that are currently available at the Credit Counselling Society:Plenty of opportunities for promotion or to try out different career paths. We even have a management training program.

  • Credit Counselling
  • Client Services
  • Client Care
  • Consumer Education
  • Marketing
  • IT
  • Leadership

88% of our employees report that they believe that their career aspirations can be achieved at the Credit Counseling Society.*

Our growth and our success with helping our clients and the communities we serve depend on our employees. We are always looking for ways to do things better, and we are glad to see that 93% of our employees think that our leadership team listens to the ideas and opinions that our staff put forward.*

* Taken from our most recent annual employee survey; all responses are anonymous.


Our Employee Training

We offer comprehensive and ongoing training.We train our staff to the highest standards in our industry, and then we provide ongoing training to ensure our staff are fully equipped to best serve our clients.

We recently hired a consultant to speak with every one of our employees and anonymously provide us with their feedback. Here are some of their comments:

“Great training and development.”

“The training is best I have seen.”

“I’m impressed by the level of support I get any time I need it.”

Management Training Program

To ensure that we provide the highest level of service to our clients, are good stewards of the resources we are entrusted with, are innovative and are one of the best places to work in Canada, we have launched a management training program for our new managers. This leadership program takes 2 years to complete and is provided as team members prepare to be come future managers within our organization.

Our Leadership Team

Here are some more anonymous comments that our staff made about the leadership team of the Credit Counseling Society:

“Our leadership team is supportive, open, honest and direct.”

“The leadership team cares, listens to employees and takes steps to make improvements.”

“It’s nice to know that management really appreciates what we do.”

98% of our staff members agreed on our most recent survey that their manager takes a supportive role in their professional growth and development.

We are helping more people than ever before, and we need good people to help us reach out to Canadians who need help managing their debt, money and credit. We believe that we are one of the best places to work in Canada, and we believe that the service we offer is one of Canada’s best kept secrets. If you have a passion for helping people and our organization looks like the right fit for you, we would like to hear from you.