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Learn all sorts of great ways to manage your money better, solve your debt problems and use your credit more wisely. We also tackle a lot of credit myths and misconceptions.

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By Julie Jaggernath

If you want to become debt free, you’ve probably read all the tips about how to get out of debt fast on your own. And you follow as many as you can. You track how you spend your money, budget and save, yet you still aren’t reaching your…

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By Stacy Yanchuk Oleksy

Tis the season isn’t it? My husband and I have moved to Ontario from British Columbia and I feel as though the Christmas spirit has come a little early (likely because so has the cold weather) and thoughts are now turning to our plan for Christmas and the overall holiday season. 

So many of us get caught up in the franticness of the holidays – there are concerts, parties, potlucks, dinners out and that’s all before the actual holiday. Then there’s the holiday season itself and then finally there’s the end of it.  

By Renu Singh-Joseph and Stacy Yanchuk Oleksy

Are you searching online for Black Friday deals? Or checking out Black Friday sale items in your local flyers? Whether you’re shopping in Canada or heading south across the border to shop in the United States, it can be so easy to get drawn into the hype of Black Friday 2017 or Cyber Monday 2017. Before you head out to shop or surf the net, take a minute to reassess and revalue why you’re shopping and what you really need

by Stacy Yanchuk Oleksy

If you’re looking for how to pay off credit cards on your own and get out of debt, you’ve made a great choice! Here’s a quick, down and dirty run through of two credit card payoff strategies to help pay off debt as quickly as possible. But before we get into that, you need to make a few decisions about your credit cards if you want to pay them off.

by Stacy Yanchuk Oleksy

I consistently get asked when I’m in the community teaching or talking about financial wellness, how to pay off debt. It’s a great question but I think before we look at strategies, we should consider some things first.

by Tim St. Vincent

You are a Senior, or about to be? You are getting ready to head down the golden path of retirement? Nothing ahead of you but relaxation, grandkids, and maybe a new hobby or two. Oh, and debt. Yes, debt.

I know. You don’t really think about debt and retirement as going together, but they do. Maybe that’s the problem; because we don’t think of them as going together, we forget about the debt part of retirement. Then when you retire, there it is. Debt. Like a great big puppy dog it shows up on your doorstep wagging its tail, and you think ‘How did

Today the Bank of Canada raised the interest rate that all banks base their Prime rate on (the Prime rate is used to calculate interest on lines of credit and variable rate mortgages). There is talk that the Bank of Canada could again raise rates later this year or that rising bond prices in the US could push Canadian mortgage rates higher (a lot of banks partially fund Canadian mortgages from the US bond market). If any of these things happen and interest rate go up, then what can you do to protect yourself? Here's our list of tips consider:

by Mark Kalinowski

As long time Credit Counsellors will tell you – the best option to address debt is one that is affordable, and that least impacts your credit in a negative way. With this in mind, Counsellors talk at length about ways to consolidate debt thru the financial industry. Be warned, while this is sometimes a wonderful option, there are times where it does not make sense.

by Stacy Yanchuk Oleksy

Sometimes when life presents us with challenges we think to ourselves “it’s okay Self, we got this. We can handle it.” And sometime we wonder, “maybe I need help immediately.” This is no different for our personal finances.