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Learn all sorts of great ways to manage your money better, solve your debt problems and use your credit more wisely. We also tackle a lot of credit myths and misconceptions.

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By Julie Jaggernath

Are you looking for ways of getting rid of debt? Credit cards, car loans, consolidation loans, and bills – does it feel like all you ever do is make payments? Maybe you’ve even tried to get out of debt fast on your own with a DIY plan for…

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Cash Only Diet - It’s easy to tap and swipe away on your debit and credit cards for groceries, gas, online shopping and nights out, but when you’re dealing with invisible money, it’s hard to track how much you’re spending. You may face some sticker shock when your credit card and bank statements arrive to see how quickly your day-to-day spending accumulates.

By Julie Jaggernath

Are you trying to convince a landlord to rent to you? Looking like the ideal renter and great tenant to make your application stand out takes a bit of planning. But to score the place you want – and keep it, can be done even if your credit might look bad.

The landlord-tenant relationship is ultimately a business relationship. To show landlords that you care about the same things they care about, find ways to show them that you can truly afford the rent, that you can take care of their place and keep it in good shape, and that you aren’t the kind

If you're tired of always borrowing from payday loan companies, have multiple payday loans, and are wanting to know how to get rid of payday loan debt, we'll show you how in 5 practical steps. Your finances will thank you for years to come as it will be a lot easier to pay the bills every month. As you've no doubt experienced, even though it's not hard to get a loan from a payday loan store or use an online instant loan service, you can quickly feel stuck in a constant cycle of borrowing and need some payday loan help. The good news is, though, that it's possible to

You opened a joint account with the best intentions: to help your child as they started university, to rebuild credit for a struggling sibling, or to combine finances with your spouse.

But joint debts — from lines of credit, to credit cards and other loans — are a major commitment and should be carefully considered. While you may be co-signing or even just acting as a guarantor, you’re agreeing to shoulder the responsibility and liability for the full loan, too.

If the relationship between both parties goes awry, or one of the account holders can’t deliver on payments as

By Julie Jaggernath

It's hard not to notice the rising cost of living. Most obvious these days is the price at the pump, and as businesses pay extra costs for the delivery of goods and services, consumers will face fuel surcharges and even sticker price shock. You’ll need to make some choices to avoid running up credit card bills to supplement your life style because higher expenses ultimately contribute to the overall cost of running your household.

Whether you’re budgeting for a single person or a family, here are some tips and choices to consider so that your life

By Julie Jaggernath

When you are trying to figure out how to get out of debt quickly, you might have some debts that don’t need to be paid down first. That doesn’t mean you can ignore them and stop making payments, but it does mean that making just your minimum payments is a good strategy when you’re dealing with other more expensive debts, like high interest credit cards or government debt.

By Julie Jaggernath

Does credit counselling seem like a bit of a mystery to you? Until you or someone you know needs help with their debts, you likely don’t give credit and debt counselling much thought.

As a former banker, I granted countless personal loans, debt consolidation loans, as well as mortgages. I also had to decline my fair share of loan applications because someone just didn’t qualify. If I had known what credit counselling is

After months of stress from a growing pile of credit card statements and a continuous stream of aggressive collections calls, you decide that consolidating your debts is your best option for turning over a new leaf.

Debt consolidation may feel like a big relief: with a single lump sum debt to owe, you’re no longer trying to stay on top of multiple creditors, you aren’t missing deadlines and there isn’t the fear of steep interest rates compounding.

But you aren’t in the clear yet — debt consolidation loans are only the first step in the process of getting your personal