Client Success Stories

Actual Stories of People We've Helped with Their Debt

People we help tell us all the time what a huge difference we make in helping them get out from under the burden of their debts. Here are three of these people who have come forward to voluntarily share their stories of success with their fellow Canadians.

There's Life Beyond Debt for Everyone

“When debts became a problem, I felt very overwhelmed, like I could not see the end of the tunnel. Picking up the phone felt like lifting a 10lb rock, but they were very cheerful on the other end of the line. I came in, discussed my situation in privacy, and instantly got relief knowing I was in good hands.” – Delores

We Can Help You Too

Like Delores, you may feel as though you've hit rock bottom too, but no matter how bad your situation may seem to be, we can help you find a way to get your finances back on track. Give us a call at 1-888-527-8999 or simply contact us, and we'll get in touch with you.

It's OK to Ask for Help with Debt

"Life just happened. My debt got to the point where I started to feel like I was drowning. I didn’t feel like I could fix it on my own, and I wanted to start living my life as an adult without debt. I decided to reach out for help. At the end of my first meeting feeling relieved, that everything was going to be ok – a lot of work – but ok. I had a plan to pay back my debt and continue doing the things I love to do like Yoga and traveling." – Yasmine

We Can Also Help You

As Yasmine shares, life happens. Sometimes things spiral a bit, and sometimes you can't fix things on your own. It's okay to ask for help. That's what we're here for, and we can help you too. Just like with Yasmine, people often tell us that meeting with us seemed to take a weight off their shoulders. Give us a call, and speak with one of our Credit Counsellors. You've got nothing to lose but your debt.

There's a Way Out of Debt with Help

"I had just come to the point where I had given up hope, that there’s no way I could ever repay my debt. A friend of mine suggested I reach out, and I thought I’d get some condescending person on the phone lecture me about money, but my counsellor was the most compassionate caring person who became sort of my own personal cheerleader." – Charis

We Can Help You Too

No matter what you're going through with your financial situation - no matter how bad it seems to be - we can help you find your way out. As Charis notes, "There's a way out. There is hope." Take a "step in the right direction" like Charis, and give us a call and make an appointment to speak with one of our Credit Counsellors. They'll go through your financial situation with you, put together a realistic budget, explore all your options with you, and help you create a plan to get back on track. Appointments with our Counsellors are always free and completely confidential. You have nothing to lose and peace of mind to gain. Call us at 1-888-527-8999 or fill out the form below, and we'll get in touch with you.

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