Stop Collection Calls

Stop Collection Agency Calls & Creditor Harassment

How to stop collection agency and creditor calls.

If you are being harassed by your creditors, this can be stopped very quickly and easily—for free. Our experienced Credit Counsellors will help you:

  • Stop the harassing phone calls
  • Develop an overall strategy to manage a short-term financial crisis
  • Outline what you need to do to gain the cooperation of your creditors
  • Identify and resolve unreasonable collection practices

We can do all of this—plus a lot more—for anyone with debts in Canada. We do this at no charge because we're a non-profit service and we're here to help.

Communicating With Creditors & Consumer Rights for Debt Collection

As a consumer, you have rights as well as responsibilities when you are experiencing financial difficulty. One of our Counsellors can help you understand those rights and responsibilities. We will provide you with guidance about how to effectively communicate with your creditors to explain your current situation and gain their cooperation.

To learn more about how to communicate with creditors, follow this link: Communicating with Creditors

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