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Reviews for the Credit Counselling Society from Other Websites

While the Credit Counselling Society helps tens of thousands of people every year with their debts, we find that the vast majority of the people we help wish to keep their debt situation private. We completely understand and respect this decision, and we do our utmost to protect and safeguard our clients' privacy. Because of the private nature of our service, it's extremely rare for people we help to leave reviews about their experience with us online. However, we are so thrilled that over 400 people have chosen to let others know about their experience with our organization. We've provided some links below where you can quickly access 339 reviews on Google and Facebook. If you go digging, you can find another 60 on plus there are more scattered throughout other websites with reviews like

Credit Counselling Society Reviews


NoMoreDebts Facebook Page (111 reviews)


Google Maps Listings



Edmonton - 124 St NW (18 reviews)

Edmonton - Gateway Blvd NW

Calgary (23 reviews)


Winnipeg (21 reviews)


Ottawa (1 review)

Toronto (14 reviews)


Hamilton (7 reviews)



Regina (2 review)



Vancouver - Pender St. (17 reviews)

Vancouver - Hornby St. (4 reviews)

Burnaby / Vancouver (8 reviews)

New Westminster (41 reviews)

Delta / Surrey (3 reviews)

Surrey / Guildford (12 reviews)

Port Coquitlam

Abbotsford (11 reviews)

Victoria (23 reviews)

Nanaimo (9 reviews)

Kelowna (14 reviews)


Client Stories in the Media

From time to time, the Credit Counselling Society's clients are interviewed in the media. Here are four of them: Ken and Joan Overy in the Globe and Mail, Dan Robinson on CTV, Julia Fletcher on Global News, and Bway Lah on CBC News all share their stories about how the Credit Counselling Society helped them.