Company says privacy concerns prevented search for couple by CBC NEWS A couple from Courtenay, B.C., is upset with Telus for putting a black mark on their credit rating for an old bill they said they didn't know about.

"It's a bill that I didn't know I had," said Travis Krisher, a pilot with Air Canada Jazz. "If I had a bill I would pay for it. My [good] credit score proves my history."

"All it would have taken is one phone call," said his wife, Bonnie, a debt arbitrator. "One phone call, and it would have been paid."

The $210 calling-card bill dates back to 2004. The Krishers said the first they heard of it was last year, after a collection agency reported the debt to Equifax, on behalf of Telus. As a result, Travis Krisher's credit beacon score dropped by more than 100 points . . . (Read More)