Chris's Story
Dealing with debt

Chris's Journey Out of Debt

Chris is a musician who fell upon hard times financially and didn't know how to get himself out of debt. It wasn't until he asked a friend of his to help lend him some money for rent, that he heard about Credit Counselling. At first Chris was a little skeptical, but once he picked up the phone his path forward became clear.

I thought I had everything under control, but then when I couldn’t pay my rent and I had to borrow money from a friend, that’s when I knew things were not good. Having a lot of debt feels burdensome. You feel guilty, you feel ashamed. When I was told about Credit counselling, I felt hopeful. I found them to be very sympathetic and they listened and they weren’t judging. They were just offering help. When I paid off my debt, I felt I could breathe again. Credit Counselling means someone is there to guide you. You are not alone. Reach out ask for help.

Talk to a Credit Counsellor About How to Get Out of Debt

The longer you wait, the less options you’ll have. The best solution to choose will be the one that fits your budget and helps you avoid getting into debt again in the future.

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