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Learn all sorts of great ways to manage your money better, solve your debt problems and use your credit more wisely. We also tackle a lot of credit myths and misconceptions. Do you have questions about money management, budgeting or credit? If you need advice or help with your debts email us your questions or chat with us online. We're happy to help.

Facing a Pay Cut or Reduced Income? Here’s What to Do Right Now

Facing a pay cut is scary, but there are steps you can take now to protect your money and finances. Here’s what to focus on when your income will be reduced.

Interest Rate Hikes Aren't All Doom & Gloom for Consumers

While interest rate increases may not be welcome news to everyone in younger stages of life, consumers as a whole and our economy in general benefit when historical average interest rates exist in the marketplace. Here are five good reasons why interest rate hikes are not all doom and gloom for consumers.

Is Fear Holding You Back from Consolidating Your Debt?

If fear, hesitancy, or just not knowing what to do is holding your back from consolidating your debt, we’ll help you move past all this with the 5 things you need to do to get this ball rolling and start saving some serious money on interest payments.

Kick Start Your Debt Repayment with a Cash Only Diet

Personal finance experts swear by a cash-only diet to kick start challenging goals. It’s often recommended because it force you to do two important things…

5 Step Plan to Escape Payday Loans Cycle

If you're tired of always borrowing from payday loan companies, have multiple payday loans, and want to know how to get rid of payday loan debt, we'll show you how in 5 practical steps…

How to Pay Off and Make Joint Debts Work

Joint debts are a major commitment and while you may be co-signing or even just acting as a guarantor, you’re agreeing to shoulder the responsibility and liability for the full loan...

Is the Rising Cost of Living Stressing You Out?

The rising cost of living is stressful. Living pay cheque to pay cheque can feel like a never-ending cycle of frugal choices & credit card debt. Look to cut costs with daily spending & expenses...

Which Debts Don't Need to Be Paid Down First?

When you are trying to figure out how to get out of debt quickly, you might have some debts that don’t need to be paid down first…

What is Credit Counselling? Debt Help Options & More

There are some typical warning signs that debt is becoming a problem, but most people wait, sometimes for several years, before asking for help...