Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is our Promise

If you wish to speak with us about your situation or if you choose to take advantage of one of our debt relief programs, you can rest assured that all information you share with us is held in complete confidence, and protecting your privacy is of paramount importance to us.

The Credit Counselling Society is committed to keeping your personal information secure. We do not sell or trade personal information. The knowledge and consent of our clients is required for the collection, use and disclosure of personal information. We ensure to the best of our ability that the personal information we hold is accurate and current.

We protect your information by:

  • maintaining your personal information in secure office facilities
  • using encryption technology and secure networks
  • hiring qualified employees who are trained in the importance of maintaining the privacy and protection of personal information
  • requiring these employees and authorized third parties to sign a confidentiality and privacy agreement

How we use your personal information:

  • to provide you with advice, information and assistance on personal money management issues, using credit wisely and resolving debt and financial problems
  • to process and maintain your enrollment in our debt management programs
  • to internally monitor the quality of our services and programs
  • for audit and/or legal purposes

We also use the aggregate information from the personal information collected to:

  • help us identify services and programs that may benefit our current and future clients
  • help us plan our awareness and marketing initiatives in the communities we serve
  • maintain the ongoing financial support and cooperation of our stakeholders

No individual can be identified through this information.

How we use cookies

This website, like many others, uses small files called cookies to help us improve our website and help us reach out to people who may need our help through online advertising. Our online advertising includes working with reputable, third party advertising agencies such as Google that use cookies to advertise our services on websites across the internet to people who have previously visited our website. All cookies used on our site are set with an expiry date - they will automatically delete themselves after a period of time. However, if you don’t want us to use cookies with your browser, you can opt out on this page.

Please note, we do not use cookies to individually identify anyone. We simply use them to improve our website, our services, and to advertise our services to people who appear to be interested. The only data we collect is aggregate information about how people use our website. We do not link this data to individuals. If a third party advertising agency that we work with collects any individual level data such as IP addresses for remarketing purposes, it's never shared with us. It's actually Google's policy to never share this level of data with organizations, and we think that's a good idea.

General information:

While every effort is made to ensure that our website contains accurate information at the time of viewing, we reserve the right to make changes to our site without prior notice.

External links:

We may include links to other sites and if you decide to follow those links, we cannot be held responsible for the privacy practices and content of those sites.

Questions regarding privacy:

If you have any questions regarding this statement or would like to communicate your concerns with the Credit Counselling Society, please contact us by email at or in writing to:

Privacy Officer
Credit Counselling Society
Suite 400 - 88 Sixth Street
New Westminster, BC  V3L 5B3