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We provide free, confidential, non-judgmental credit counselling to help you get your finances back on track.

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Credit Counselling Calgary - Are you struggling to make your minimum payments? Maybe you've got debt problems that are affecting your sleep, your health, or even your relationships? We can help put an end to your stress.

Canada's Leading Non Profit Consumer Credit Counselling & Debt Solutions Service Provider

We are a non-profit consumer credit and debt counselling service providing debt solutions and help in Calgary. Our highly trained and professionally accredited Counsellors can help you explore all of your options and find the best solution. We can help you:

  • Consolidate your debts in Calgary with one monthly payment
  • Get your finances back on track and effectively manage your living expenses
  • Stop collection calls
  • Save thousands of dollars in interest charges

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Get started today by speaking with one of our Credit Counsellors. We're happy to answer your questions and help you. Speaking with our Counsellors is free, confidential, and non-judgmental.

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Our Clients Interviewed on Global TV and CTV News

From time to time, the news media interviews some of our clients who are comfortable sharing their story publicly. Below are two of our clients who were interviewed about their experience with the Credit Counselling Society.

Global News Story - The Credit Counselling Society's debt solutions work. Canadian consumers in Alberta are offered debt and credit counselling services in Calgary.

Global TV talks to Julia Fletcher after she pays off $10,000 in debt with zero interest negotiated by the Credit Counselling Society. Watch

CTV On Your Side - Debt solutions are available for Canadians with debt problems. Credit counselling helped Dan completely repay his debt. The same service is available in Calgary, Alberta.

CTV reveals how Dan Robinson paid off $30,000 in debt interest free with help from the Credit Counselling Society. See story

Providing Free Consumer Credit & Debt Counselling Services for 23 Years

With 23 offices across Canada, the Better Business Bureau's highest rating, 98% of our clients surveyed reporting they would recommend us to others, and award winning service, the Credit Counselling Society has worked hard to become one of the leading debt relief and credit counselling service providers. If you need some help with your debts or simply want to learn how you can manage your money better, call us today at 403-263-9905.


Calgary Office
Suite 226 - 1935 32 Avenue NE
Calgary, AB T2E 7C8

Phone: 403-263-9905


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Our Calgary, Alberta credit counselling services office is conveniently accessible by transit and is located on 32 Avenue NE near the McCall Lake Golf Course between the Deerfoot Trail and the Barlow Trail NE. This location also serves the surrounding communities including Panorama Hills, Signal Hill, Woodbine, Shawnessy, Ogden, Riverbend, McKenzie Lake, Cranston, Martindale, Chestermere, Strathmore, De Winton, Okotoks, Airdrie, and Cochrane.

There's a way out of debt with help

"I had just come to the point where I had given up hope – that there’s no way I could ever repay my debt. A friend of mine suggested I reach out, and I thought I’d get some condescending person on the phone lecture me about money, but my counsellor was the most compassionate, caring person who became sort of my own personal cheerleader."

- Charis, Actual Client

More About Us & Our Debt Help Services in Calgary

The Credit Counselling Society is a not-for-profit, charitable society that has been serving Western Canadians since 1996. We have now grown to 23 offices from which we serve all of Western Canada, the Northern Territories, and Ontario. We are the largest non-profit credit counselling service in Western Canada, and we have the most offices of any non-profit credit counseling service in all of Canada.

The Credit Counselling Society has helped thousands of people resolve their debt issues, and we are proud to be the only credit and debt counselling service in Alberta that is consistently referred to others by 98% of its clients. This is a big part of the reason we were able to help over 70,000 Canadians last year and have been often recognized as one of the Top 100 employers in Canada by Great Places to Work Canada.

We help people by providing one-on-one counselling in person or over the phone. Most people who come to see us are experiencing difficulties with their finances - usually with their debts. We assist people by helping them create a spending plan and then help them look at all of their available options based on their income, assets, and other factors. Because we are a non-profit organization we can offer this service for free.

Based on the testimonials we receive - almost daily - from our clients, we can see that we are making a big difference in the lives of thousands of Canadians. We help people step out from the crushing weight that they feel from their debt and learn the skills necessary to take control of their finances. We think it's encouraging that 60% of our clients say they sleep better at night after talking with one of our Counsellors just one time.

If you need help with your debts, give us a call and speak with one of our Counsellors today. It's free and confidential, and our Counsellors are friendly, objective and non-judgmental. Speak with one of our Counsellors right now by calling 403-263-9905


The Credit Counselling Society also provides alternatives to bankruptcy in Calgary, Alberta.

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