Do Debt Settlement Agencies Really Deliver? Global TV's 16x9 Investigates

Many debt settlement companies have been advertising that they can reduce the debt you owe - big time! But do they actually deliver? 16x9 investigates the industry and speaks to two men who say they never received what was advertised. 16x9 also turns to Scott Hannah, CEO of the Credit Counselling Society, to shed some light on some of these industry claims and practices and debunk some of their wildest claims.

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Vortex Debt Group is Now Operating as Clear Blue Debt Solutions, Synergy Debt Group & Wav Services Team | &

Clear Blue Debt Solutions and Synergy Debt Group are the new face of the infamous Vortex Debt Group. The employees, management team, owners and offices are still the same as when Vortex was running in June 2011 - only now they call themselves Wav Services Team.

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Debt Settlement Companies - Attractive ads sound great. Why not go for it?

Q: I keep hearing and seeing ads from companies that claim to be able to settle your debts for a lot less than what you owe. I’m up to date on my bills but if I can get out of debt for less than half of what I owe and my creditors will accept this plan, what’s to lose?

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Debt Settlement Companies: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Q: I heard an ad for a company. They said that they can settle my debt for much less than what I owe and I can get out of debt faster. When I called them, they also said that after I’m done, I can easily rebuild my credit rating. I’m considering going ahead with this but it just sounds too good to be true; is it?

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What Debt Settlement Companies Don’t Tell You

Last week we heard an American debt settlement company advertise on a Canadian radio station. In their radio ads, this company said it could help people who are struggling with debt, but they never mentioned the name of their company. We thought this was strange, so I gave them a call to find out who they are and how they are offering to help people. Here is what Sandy, their representative, said they could do for me:

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